AC and Furnace Repair in Lansdale

Getting to Know Lansdale

Lansdale AC Repair

Realtors consider Lansdale to be one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania (#167 out of 710 in Niche rankings), with beautiful, well-maintained homes, good schools, excellent amenities, and proximity to Philadelphia

Like many towns in the Philly area, Lansdale played its part in Revolutionary history: it is part of the Liberty Bell Trail (back when the Liberty Bell was moved to Allentown for hiding) and less than 20 miles to Valley Forge, the famous winter camp of Washington’s Continental Army. It also shares the area’s industrial age history of mills and railroads, maintains regional farm heritage through a farmers market and a strawberry festival, and even shares a thirst for beer festivals (held in June).

People in Lansdale are busy folk. An affluent suburb of Philadelphia, Lansdale sees a sizeable amount of its 18,000 residents commuting to and from the metropolis each weekday, down a bit since the pandemic. About 1,000 travel by SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), with the rest driving the 21-mile distance.

You have better things to do than worry about HVAC, especially in a place like Lansdale. That’s where our local heating, AC, and plumbing company comes in.

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Heating Services When You Need Them

As you would expect in a destination near Valley Forge, Lansdale winters can be quite cold and snowy. Snow can form a beautiful backdrop for many holiday events like the Santa House, a tree lighting ceremony, and a Christmas tuba concert, but afterward, you want to get out of the cold and into a warm place! Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, our heating experts in Lansdale are here for you. Rest assured, whether you rely on a heat pump or furnace to stay warm, our repair and replacement experts are here to help.

Our Lansdale HVAC company keeps you warm and cozy with the following services:

Furnace Repair

It’s the coldest night of the year. You wake up in the middle of the night with a chill. As you approach the thermostat, your heart drops. After a few troubleshooting steps, you realize you need a Lansdale furnace repair company. Don’t panic! Call (267) 905-0969 to schedule service.

Restore Warmth Fast

Furnace Replacement

Maybe you spotted a rust spot, or it is now pushing twenty years old. Or, during your last furnace tune-up, our technician noticed a problem with your heat exchanger. No matter why you need a quote on a new furnace in Lansdale, Xtreme Mechanical can provide a competitive quote.

Replace Your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance

To keep your heating system running efficiently, you need to schedule regular furnace tune-ups. During Lansdale furnace maintenance, we’ll examine your system for signs of wear. At the same time, we’ll clean it and recalibrate it to maximize your efficiency.

Prevent Future Breakdowns

AC Repair and Replacement in Lansdale

While Lansdale’s summers seldom get beyond 90°F, warm weather and humidity may make you crave a cool indoor sanctuary. It’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance checks and tune-ups in the spring and fall transitional seasons when you are less likely to run your HVAC system around the clock. Our AC maintenance services in Lansdale will make sure everything is running smoothly.

But we do much more than provide simple Lansdale AC maintenance. Below are our primary cooling services:

AC Repair

Is your AC unit in Lansdale making strange noises? Then, it’s time to schedule air conditioning repair with Xtreme Mechanical. Our technician will arrive and promptly diagnose the problem. Because of how well we stock our trucks, we can handle most Lansdale AC repairs on the first visit.

Restore Cool Comfort

Air Conditioner Replacement

When your unit starts to show its age, it might be tempting to crutch it along a little longer. But putting in a new AC unit instead is often more cost-effective. To get a quote on Lansdale AC replacement, call (267) 905-0969. All system replacements come with a free, no-obligation quote.

Upgrade your comfort

AC Installation

Were you blessed with a home without air conditioning? Then, you’re in luck! Our Lansdale air conditioning installation experts can turn any home into a cool haven. If that means installing a ductless AC system in Lansdale, our mini-split experts are happy to accommodate you.

Get Professional AC Installation

Indoor Air Quality Can Make or Break Your Comfort

Indoor Air Quality Service Lansdale

Throughout the year, keeping indoor air quality in Lansdale in mind is essential. Remember, when doors and windows are closed to keep the air at the preferred temperature during winter and summer, you also close in odors, pet dander, and other contaminants. During spring and fall, you open your windows and let in allergens and mold.

Part of our HVAC services includes keeping your indoor quality at its best so you can relax in a cleaner, healthier environment. This is done through things like home humidification, air filtration, and high-efficiency filters. Below are a few things we can help you with:

We Also Handle Lansdale’s Plumbing Problems

Plumber in Lansdale

In addition to HVAC services, we also offer plumbing services in Lansdale. Even if you think your home is trouble-free, the longer you live there, the more opportunities for trouble to arise. A plumbing maintenance plan will monitor your pipes. If you plan to add to or remodel your home, our plumbers will work with your contractor to ensure your plumbing is up to code.

In addition to plumbing inspections and water heater service, our Lansdale plumbers also provide:

What Makes Us Different

Owner-operator Cody Schantz opened Xtreme Mechanical in 2018 to provide homes and businesses with unparalleled heating, AC, and plumbing service in Montgomery and Bucks counties. A certified contractor for York, Weil-McLain, and Fujitsu, we can work with and advise you on any suppliers with whom you may be working. We also work with many other brands to ensure the highest quality equipment and materials.

Some contractors take their clients for granted. We never do that. We work hard for your business. No job is too big or too small! Xtreme Mechanical provides information to help you take advantage of financing and warranties. Whenever you plan a remodel, we can work with your chosen contractor to supply the HVAC and plumbing services you need.

We are an active part of Montgomery and Bucks County communities. Since we began in 2018, we’ve been involved in the community through professional services, community-based projects, donations, and sports teams. Our office is in Telford, making us your service partner and neighbor!